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NOTE:   As alarming as it may seem to us today, Blacks in the early 1900s were relegated to wearing blackface in order to perform on stage.  The layers of complexity this created for them are many.
Please see Blackface History for more on this.   

"The Minstrel and the Bard" is a proof-of-concept short film derived from the feature film script 

"BLACKFACE: the story of nobody" 

PROOF-OF-CONCEPT CREDITS - Writer & Director: Cajardo Lindsey; Assistant Director: Mitch Dickman; Producers: Michanda Lindsey, Cajardo Lindsey, Mitch Dickman, Travis Milloy; Cinematographer: Robert Muratore; First AC: Justin Groom; Composers: Monique Brooks-Roberts and J. Aaron Brooks-Roberts; Editors: Travis Milloy, Adam Espinoza; Production Designer: Robert Mark Morgan; Sound Designer: Mike Henderson; Boom Operator: Falon Wilson; Make-up: Megan O'Conner; Costume Designer: Linda Morken; Grip: JP Farraro; Production Coordinator: Samantha Sigler; Actor: Cajardo Lindsey; Acting Coach: Sheila Ivy Traister; Cajardo Lindsey stand-in: Jimmy Walker; Interns: Ajee Williams, Tori De Santiago; Location: The Bug Theatre in Denver, CO; Special Thanks: Kickstarter Supporters & Denver Center Theatre Company.

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