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This story was ignited in Cajardo Lindsey more than five years ago, and it was solidified by his own experiences as a performer and a father. He had witnessed patterns in casting that felt restricting and suffocating specifically, as they related to Shakespeare and other classical works.

"When I looked in my own backyard, and when I thought about what I wanted my sons to see, I was frustrated that main characters like Hamlet, Lady Macbeth, Richard III, and Juliet, etc. who appeared onstage did not look like my sons nor me. 

As I began writing a story that would represent what I hoped to see, what emerged was... "If you think it is challenging for people of color now, then what was it like for those who came before?" Thus began my research, and that's when BLACKFACE: the story of nobody started to take shape."


-  Cajardo Lindsey

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